Rosemont Court Residents Get that Sinking Feeling

Proposal for new build is Christmas nightmare

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Anyone wishing object should write or email quoting Application Reference P/2008/4441A. Case officer is Maggie Perry.

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The sunrise from Richard's flat

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Rosemont Court residents received an unexpected and very unwanted Christmas present after receiving news of a proposal for a new development. Their 1930's art deco building, next to Springfield Park, could be overshadowed by a new 5-6 storey block to be constructed by Barratt Homes.

The proposed 59 new flats will be 19 metres high - towering 7 metres over the Rosemont Court building which is just 12 metres in height.

Rosemont resident, Richard Newman, 36, said “A big reason we bought our third floor flat is the view of the rising sun over the rooftops of Acton. If they build this thing, my view could be looking at people going to the loo and the flats above will be looking down into our bedrooms.”

Richard already has a history with the proposed builder, Barratt Homes. He is a TV director and back in 2002 he directed a consumer investigation show for BBC 1 entitled UK’s Worst? New Home.

“It wasn’t an award most builders want on their mantelpiece. But a family in a new Barratt’s home in Cumbernauld, Scotland contacted us at the Watchdog office and said their floor was actually sinking down into the ground! The competition was fierce but a panel of experts decided Barratt Homes deserved the award.”

There’s nothing to suggest that the dwellings in the Barratt development in Acton will have similar problems, but Richard is keeping a close eye on developments.

A Rosemont Road resident said: " This road junction is already hazardous and busy especially around school run times. It is very underhand for the notification to go out over the Christmas period when many people are away and not able to lodge disapproval.  [The Barratt Homes proposal] will over shadow Rosemont court which is a well-kept, beautiful 1930's building."

Richard Newman said: “They’ve been planning this for 17 months and you should see the hundreds of pages their consultants have put together.

"The council sent us a letter in December saying we have 21 days to read all the material and object. It’s not really how I planned to spend my Christmas.”

Richard Newman will be giving us regular updates as the scheme develops.

It does not currently appear possible to access the application online which will make it difficult for other residents wishing to comment before the current deadline.

January 2, 2009