More LTNs Planned For The Acton Area

Council hoping to get money for them in next round of government funding

Map showing LTNs planned for the Acton area
Map showing LTNs planned for the Acton area


Application Made For Judicial Review Into Acton LTN

Differing Views on Acton Low Traffic Neighbourhood Plan

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A new map of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods planned in the Acton area has been published.

It shows that three more are being considered – two in the Creffield Road area and one in the Mill Hill Road area.

No further details have yet been published but Creffield Road appears to be divided into two zones.

LTN 25 is in the Acton Central area and is already operational. An application has been made for a judicial review of the way the scheme was implemented. Acacia Road is blocked by the junction with Cumberland Road which means that the direct route from the area north of Churchfield Road to Horn Lane is no longer available. Goldsmith Road is blocked at the junction with Goldsmith Avenue and St Dunstans Avenue and Crane Avenue is blocked near the junction with Baldwyn Gardens.

So far there have been over 400 comments about this scheme on the Commonplace web site with the majority unfavourable but a significant number of residents in favour of the measures.

LTN 34 is already active in the Bowes Road area in East Acton and comprises the closing off of Glendun Road at the junction with East Acton Lane.

Plans for LTN 33 had been announced earlier. This is in the East Acton Golf Links area. The latest information is that Ealing Council is in discussions with TfL over the layout of this LTN. The area marked for this LTN on the map does not appear to be the part of Acton that was formerly a golf course.

Across the borough 15 new LTNs are on the drawing board, A new round of funding is being made available by central government which is encouraging councils to continue to implement these schemes. In the London area it will be disbursed by Transport for London.

There is further expansion of the zones in the West Ealing and Hanwell area planned but a more limited implementation in the Greenford and Southall areas.

LTN expansion plans in Ealing Borough. Click here for larger version of this map

No further details of any road closures or other access restrictions in these planned LTNs is yet available. The council have said that designs will be informed by feedback given by local residents on the Commonplace platform.

It is expected that the schemes, as with the previous ones, would be implemented by the use of an Experimental Traffic Order in line with government guidelines. This would mean that there would be no consultation with residents in advance of implementation other than a week long notification period and then a trial of the scheme of between 6 to 18 months would take place.

Residents can visit the low traffic neighbourhoods' page of the council’s website for further information on the schemes.

You can email feedback to, or post them to the Highways Service, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, W5 2HL, quoting reference ORD XXX.

An online petition against LTNs in Ealing has been signed by over 10,000 people. A counter petition in support of the new schemes has, at the time of writing, over 800 signatures.

November 19, 2020


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