Why are we waiting? Newspaper skips a mess

Morrisons recycling facility update



Morrisons newspaper recycling bins Acton

Recycling bins at Morrisons W3

Photo: Julie Kaiser

The enviable green bins at Waitrose, West Ealing

Bins in Ealing leave Acton residents green with envy

Dispersal Order issued for Acton Park

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If you would like to complain to Ealing Council, contact their customer call centre on 020 8825 6000.

Unbelievably, the newspaper recycling bins at Morrisons still remain full.

A piece about the startling contrast between the bins in Morrisons versus the bins in Waitrose in West Ealing was published on this website on September 29. Neil Dhot, Head of Communications at Ealing said at the time that steps had been taken to ensure that "the problem should now be resolved."

On October 2nd the bins had still not been emptied and this was again reported to the Council. Apologies and reassurances were once again issued.

Rubbish behind one of the recycling bins has still not been cleared, though there are signs that there has been an effort to tidy the area.

The Council's contractor until recently for collecting the recycling from Morrisons was Abitibi who were fired due to 'substandard collection performance'. The company now responsible is apparently ECT.

Julie Kaiser visited the facility last week and took the photographs shown (right). Julie told us:

"The state of the recycling facility makes me angry for many reasons. Firstly it must deter people from recycling
if they have to fight their way past the debris and
filth. Then there's the problem if, like me, they are
on foot and intend to drop off their recycling en
route to somewhere else. Yesterday for the 2nd
consecutive Saturday I had to resort to taking my
carrier bag of paper on the bus to W Ealing as I was
on my way to the Farmers' Market - it would have been
all too easy just to drop it in a wastebin. Finally, I
am particularly angry that the council claimed 2 weeks
ago that the problem had been resolved, when it
patently had not. I do expect the truth from my local
Council and I had hoped they would take green issues

Ealing Council has been silent - there has been no explanation as to why residents of Acton are fighting a tiresome battle against an inadequate service.

We continue to view with envy the well-run, attractive and extensive recycling facility in Waitrose, West Ealing which could be used as a standard for all recycling facilities at supermarkets in the borough.

October 14, 2006