Mini Cab Clamp down by Police

Unlicensed Cabs are targets with three arrests

Ealing Police, in response to concerns from local residents and Pub Watch groups, conducted a localised initiative with officers from Transport for London in order to clamp down on unlicensed minicabs which operate in the Ealing area.

The initiative took place on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th February 2004 involving 4 officers. It was run as part of the ongoing MPS Minicab Safety 'Know What you are getting into' campaign, launched in December 2002.

The success of the operation is highlighted by the fact that 3 arrests were made for illegal Minicab Touting and No Insurance fro Minicab Touting during the operation. All three individuals have been charged and are due to appear at Ealing Magistrates on 17th May 2004.

The Licensing Department on Ealing Borough continue to distribute crime preventative material (posters, beer mats and post cards) to local licensed premises, with a view to bringing to the attention of the public the dangers of using unlicensed minicabs.

Ealing Borough Police Sergeant Mark Weston who organised the initiative stated

"The arrests achieved during this initiative are a direct result of excellent intelligence led police work and the effectiveness of government agencies working in partnership. This initiative, albeit quite localised, has given us a clearer insight to the scale of the problem in the borough"

Ealing Police would like to issue the following crime prevention advice to people using taxis at night:
Always get a black cab or pre-book a car through a licensed minicab operator. Carry the phone number of a minicab company you've used before and trust. Check that the minicab you ordered is the one you get into. Check that his operator has given the driver your name and destination. Always sit in the back and carry a mobile phone. If you have a problem with the driver of a black cab, make a note of the number on the white plate inside the cab and report it to police or the Public Carriage office. If you have a problem with a minicab driver remember the car's make and number and report it to police.

March 4th 2004