Zone K1: The Final Chapter (We Hope)

Exclusive: Zone K1 parking regulations

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There is continued speculation and discussion amongst residents in the new Zone K1 about their permits. One resident we spoke to today who had just returned from Ealing Council to purchase a new Zone K1 permit told me she was informed by Ealing Council Parking Services that Zone K1 permits would not be valid in Zone K.

However,, Ealing Council and Vlod Barchuk between them have worked hard to ensure that Zone K1 residents have what is hoped will be a crystal clear picture of the new parking regulations.

In a nutshell, Zone K1 permits and vouchers will both work in both Zone K and Zone K1.

Vlod Barchuk sent through the minutes from the Council meeting which we are reproducing here, with the most important sections highlighted:

It is recommended that Cabinet

i. notes the results of the consultations for formal review and
extension of Acton Central CPZ (in sec.2.3);

ii. notes the recommendations of the Acton Area Committee of the 6th June 2007 (see Appendix 2, Section 16)

iii. agrees to retain the existing operating times of the existing Acton Central CPZ as below:-

Monday to Friday 9.30am - 5:30pm

iv. agrees to introduce controlled parking in the roads
listed below:

. Baldwyn Gardens
. Crane Avenue
. The Tiltwood
. the remainder of Goldsmith Avenue in the CPZ.

v. agrees that the new zone be operational Monday to Friday 9-10am and 3-4pm for new zone (roads: Crane Avenue, Baldwyn Gardens, The Tiltwood, Goldsmith Road, Maldon Rd, Cumberland Park and the whole of Goldsmith Avenue).

vi. agrees that permits used in this new zone will be usable in the existing Acton Central CPZ (operational Monday to Friday 9.30am to 5.30 pm).

vii. agrees that permits on the existing Acton Central zone area also
accepted in the new Friday 9 10am and 3 4pm zone (which include the
following roads: Crane Avenue, Baldwyn Gardens, The Tiltwood, Goldsmith Road, Maldon Rd, Cumberland Park and the whole of Goldsmith Avenue).

viii. authorises the Director, Street Environment to incorporate amendments, if any, following consultation with Ward Members and the Chairman of the Area Committee.


As for any spare Zone K parking vouchers Zone K1 residents may still have in their possession, these can be used in either zone and, according to the council spokesman we spoke to, do not need to be exchanged at any stage.

After hearing that residents had been given conflicting information by Parking Services, the spokesman at Ealing Council told us: "Ealing Council will be implementing the decision made in the cabinet meeting."


April 16, 2008