"Positive Signs" on Churchfield Road

As new parking system seems to be working

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After weeks of frustration, the new parking system in Churchfield Road is working - or at least seems to be.

After weeks of frustration, the new parking system in Churchfield Road is working - or at least seems to be.

Sonny Masson who runs the Paint shop on the road said this week that he was delighted that the correct signage had been installed in the bays outside his shop.

"We don't know the impact of the new system yet, but I am getting the feeling that Ealing Council have started to concentrate on Churchfield Road as both a business and a social community," he said this week.

"The fact that we have managed to get the Council to listen is a positive sign that they will modify their systems when people ask for it. In fact, I have heard that they are testing this new park-free-for-half-an-hour system here and if it is a success, three other areas will follow.

"The other thing which I think is really good is that they've said to us that they will monitor the situation with the parking here to see if the new system works and does what it is supposed to - ie stops people hogging the parking spaces."

Sonny says that a few months ago, during the worst of the CCTV camera/mobile enforcement van period, when customers were regularly receiving parking tickets, there were times when he felt like giving up. "I know for a fact that others were also thinking about moving on," he says.

"Now, this free parking systems seems to have had a positive effect on Churchfield Road. I already know of three new businesses which have opened or are about to open on this stretch of the road. Other businesses are finding there is an upturn in their takings and are expanding.

"Also, the Spend Local scheme seems to be working and I'm really glad that something is being done to support local businesses."

December 8, 2009