A Walk in Acton Park

Murals cheer up Thames Water hoarding


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Walking around Acton Park recently hasn't exactly lifted the spirits what with 80mph winds and the Thames Water activities spoiling the view.

But a delightful set of murals have recently sprung up on the East facing green hoarding.  Richie Foley, who has been working with Vicki Barker of APPLE (Acton Play Projects and Leisure Events) for ten years, was painting a 'Van Gogh style' mural with youngsters who were helping to transfer and enlarge childrens' drawings onto the wall of Thames Water's biggest enclosure.

Edward Parkinson, an artist and gardener told me he was "attempting to do something a bit more controlled." His Japanese-style mural was being painted as I watched.

The murals are a cheering sight, and it is hoped that a few more will be added to make up for the miserable weather this week.

To find out more about APPLE activities, visit the art hut in Acton Park (close to exit on corner of East Acton Lane and The Vale) or visit http://www.apple-play.com.


March 14, 2008