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Special walk through residential and industrial landscape

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Walking through Shared Heritage

Organised by the South Acton Residents Action Group (SARAG)

Duration: approx 2 hours

Meet: Sunday 20 September 2009 at 2.30 pm at Chiswick Park, Building 3, 566 Chiswick High Road W4 5YA.

Starting at the RIBA award-winning ‘Chiswick Park’ (Richard Rogers Partnership 2000) and finishing in the Mill Hill Park Conservation Area, home of William Willett (1856 – 1915), its principal builder and originator of Daylight Saving Time.

The walk takes in the industrial and residential landscape of South Acton, with high rise towers and slab blocks illustrating a variety of twentieth century social housing styles.

It passes another London Open House weekend offer - the Llowarch designed South Acton Children’s Centre.

During the walk, the following architectural sights will be viewed:

1 Chiswick Park Business Centre – Designed by Lord Rogers
2 Poores of Acton
3 Chiswick Auctions
4 Industrial Estate (Sunlight Laundry)
5 Link to Wodehouse Court & allotments
6 Woolf Court, Vincent Road
7 Catalyst new build under construction facing Kipling Tower
8 South Acton Station; linking to Acton Green & Bedford Park
9 South Acton Recreation Ground – The Rec
10 Bollo Court – 20th century build; 21st century demolition
11 Change Base / Hardy Court square / SA Working Men’s Club
12 Newport Road / Appleby Court – 21st century new build
13 The Three ‘Castles’ & the Hill Park – 1970s development
14 98 – 100 Avenue Road next to demolished example of live/work house
15 114, Avenue Road view towards Woodlands Park
16 Hatfield Court, Avenue Crescent
17 Home of William Willett, originator of Daylight Saving Time
18 View to Jerome Tower
19 View to Doyle House & Charles Hocking House
20 View to Glamis Court & Beaumaris Tower
21 Mill Hill Park Estate entrance
22 Mill Hill Surgery – former Conservative Club
23 Castle Close - South Acton Children’s Centre
24 Berrymede Junior School; The ‘Duck’ pub conversion
25 Jerome Tower with allotments
26 View to Mill Hill Park
27 Linking to Acton Town Underground station
28 The Authors – Conrad, Meredith & Grahame Towers – 1950s
29 Blissett House - bookbinders & publishers services
30 Acton Works – London Underground

In Acton there are 2 sites of interest opening specially this weekend, they include:

Morris House
Swainson Road W3 7UP

South Acton Children's Centre
Castle Close, off Park Road North W3 8RX

For details of other nearby open houses, click link - right

September 18, 2009