Success for Local GP's Marathon Attempt

Substantial sum raised for his chosen charities

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Local GP Dr Naz Pambakian successfully completed the Flora London Marathon last weekend raising a substantial sum of money for his three chosen charities. We gave him a chance to recover, then caught up with him.

Dr Pambakian told us: "On Sunday 13th April, I completed the Flora London Marathon in 5 hours and 44 minutes. Whilst in the starting pens on Blackheath, I had to pinch myself to actually believe that I was there together with thousands of other runners Some were in fancy dress and some were seeking to enter the record books like Buster, the 101 year old."

The days leading to the event were not without stress after Dr Pambakian developed severe back pain. "I developed severe back pain on the Monday. After prayer from friends in the church, loads of hot baths and large doses of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol I was able to compete as planned. It seemed almost miraculous.


I ran the first 10 miles according to my race plan of about 12 minutes per mile and kept going til 20 miles at a slightly slower pace. Unfortunately a toilet stop cost me time but also contributed to stiffening muscles in some rather cold hail that fell just then too. The last 7 miles was hard but I was thrilled to cross the famous finish line and receive my completer’s medal."

After many W3 visitors made donations to Dr Pambakian's chosen charities he sent a message to all who made contributions: "Thank you so much to all the readers of for their support, encouragement and of course their sponsorship. Through the generosity of many, I have raised over £13,000 for the Charing Cross Hospital Neurosciences, 'ACET' and EddNets.




April 17, 2008