Local Man Jailed for 'Sadistic' Murder

sadistic murderer gets 'life'

A 22-year-old man was jailed for life today ( 07/05/2004) for the “sadistic” murder. Nicholas Hilliard, prosecuting, said there was a “sadistic element” to the killing.

Michael Cox, of Acton, west London, denied killing Martin Warwick, 43. Mr Warwick,a former Army captain who was setting up an internet company.He was found naked with 70 stab wounds at his home in Earls Court. An Old Bailey jury found Michael Cox guilty.

It is believed Cox befriended Martin in the Kensington area on the 18.1.02 to gain access to Warwick's house with the intention to commit robbery. Taken from Martin's address were a laptop computer and case, a mobile and a signet ring.

Cox was traced through his fingerprints, DNA and a bite mark left on the body.Judge Martin Stephens said Cox must serve a minimum of 18 years. He told him he had killed Mr Warwick with “monstrous violence”.

7th May 2004