New Fishmonger Again at Acton Market

Meat, fruit, veg, cupcakes and fab bread still going strong


Flour Power

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Millets Farm

Millets Farm are back with their wonderful range of asparagus, juices, and the best strawberries on the planet.

Noah's Cupcakes

We defy you not to find a flavour to please your tastebuds. Our favourites are the lemon and the carrot cupcakes.

J.H. Havel Fishmonger
has left but the Market organisers say they have a new fishmonger starting tomorrow.

Flour Power

Flourpowercity is a Craft Artisan Bakery with its roots planted in the food and restaurant industry.

As a collective group of over 40 bakers, chefs and pastry chefs, we approach bakery from the angle of a restaurant kitchen, not a traditional bakery. Our breads are largely sour dough bases. This is a process which stems from a long, gentle fermentation which develops the natural flavours of the organic wheat, as well as making a nutritionally rich end product.

We are an innovative young company, always open to new ideas and concepts. We like to create products that appeal to the whole spectrum of society, not just the ‘lucky few’.

Pop into the Acton market where you will find London Bloomers, Cottage tins, and speciality Rye Sourdoughs where the Hoxton Rye can take up to 20/30 hours to produce from start to finish, Spelt tin with seeds, one of the oldest grains on the planet, there is strong eveidance that the Romans & the Egyptians made their bread from Spelt flour.

Ted's Veg

"We have been farming here at our farm in Boston, Lincolnshire for three generations. All the produce on our market stall is grown by us.

"Everything is grown naturally without sprays or pesticides.

"Although we are not Soil Association certified, we produce all our veg as naturally as possible."

"Barring any catastrophes" Ted's Veg stall will be at the market tomorrow.

Old Hall Farm Traditional Rare Breeds (formerly Food Fore Thought)

"We are not organic any more, but we are the only farm in the UK that is solely selling rare breeds to the public across the whole board.

"At the market tomorrow we will be selling chickens, salt marsh lamb, beef, pork, duck, venison and wild boar.

"All the animals are reared on our farm in Romney Marsh. They just graze on 2,000 acres of marshland and on the North Downs - a large diversity of grazing. We don't use pesticides or herbicides.

"The organic practice is still exactly the same for all the breeds - no antibiotics unless stipulated by the vet."


June 18, 2010