Local Restaurants Invited to Help Homeless

By participating in 'Food for Thought' Day

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Information about how to participate in 'Food for Thought' day available from actonhomelessconcern@yahoo.com.


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Acton Homeless Concern are asking for support from local restaurants for their forthcoming fundraising event, ‘Food for Thought’ Day, on Thursday July 24th.

The idea behind this event is that local restaurants in the Acton and Chiswick areas participate in a one-off charity giving day. A portion of the takings on that day would be donated to Acton Homeless Concern to provide food and drink for some of the most needy and vulnerable that live in the surrounding areas.

About Acton Homeless Concern

Acton Homeless Concern operates two drop-in centres, Emmaus House and The Damien Centre, where they provide a safe and welcoming environment for homeless and/or vulnerable people to come and avail themselves of the many services they provide.

Everything the charity does is free to the clients and includes (at Emmaus House) a free midday meal, showers, clothes, haircuts, and out-reach workers for rough sleepers. A doctor and a drug and alcohol counsellor visit once a week, and once a month they have a visiting chiropodist and optician. At The Damien Centre we provide breakfast, snacks and beverages and a place to sit and relax, play some games, read or watch television.

Last year Emmaus House served 32,599 dinners and The Damien Centre served 37,427 snacks.

Acton Homeless Concern depends on volunteers to help with their work - they number about 60 - and on donations and the generosity of many people without whose help it would be impossible for us to continue. They hope that you will feel able to support their fundraising event on Thursday July 24th with any donation that you feel able to contribute. Any local restaurants participating in this event would be helping and providing for the most needy in society.



July 14, 2008