Acton Town Hall Redevelopment Project

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Ealing Council and Action Acton are working together to redevelop Acton Town Hall, the Kings Rooms and Acton's public baths. The redevelopment is part of a much larger initiative to regenerate the whole of Acton town centre and nearby South Acton estate. Ealing Council and Action Acton aim to restore the buildings and use them to provide better facilities and services to residents and businesses in Acton.

Ideas for the site include:

Local communities, businesses and voluntary groups have been encouraged to take part in the decision-making process. A consultative group made up of representatives of the community has been formed to work with the council to evaluate proposals put forward by developers interested in the Acton Town Hall Redevelopment Project.

The latest news can be down loaded here (word.doc)

If you have any memories of the Town Hall you would like to share with us please let us know through the forum.

March 30, 2004