Pedalling from Acton to Tower Bridge

Local cyclists take advantage of London Freewheel event

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Viktor Woloszczuk (centre)

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Yesterday cyclists from Acton took advantage of the brilliant weather and a circuit of streets open only to cyclists. Participants pedalled their way along the route starting from our nearest 'hub' a short ride away in Ravenscourt Park.

This was London Freewheel event, organised by Transport for London (TfL) and the Mayor's Office.

Acton resident Kim Bobsin told us about her experience: "My family took part in the event, starting from home at 9:30am, heading to the Ravenscourt Park hub and finishing the east-bound trip at Tower Hill at 11:50am, before returning back to Acton at 3:00pm."

Kim's two children Lucy and Viktor Woloszczuk aged 6 and 10 who both attend St. Vincent's school completed the full 12km stretch (longer if you count the extra distance from Acton).

Sara Nathan also set off on her bicycle from Acton: "I cycled via Ravenscourt Park to the Tower of London and back. The event was brilliantly organised and marshalled and I had beautiful sunshine all the way there and back."

Sara was impressed by the numbers of people taking part: "Thousands of people of all ages and a great range of biking skills." She commented that most patricipants were "compliant with marshalls instructions but you could tell those of us who commute by bike by their/our unwillingness to obey orders."

Everyone thought the event was good fun and well organized.


September 22, 2008