"My Lola": Killed by a Fox

Owner's plea after vicious attack on her pet


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Lola - killed by a fox in Goldsmith Avenue

Lola was killed by a fox in her garden in Goldsmith Avenue

Anyone who wants to know more should contact Raven via email: rarak@hotmail.co.uk, or start a thread on the W3 Forum.

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Early last Friday morning, Raven King was shocked to find her cat's body in the back garden. Lola had been savagely attacked by foxes.

Raven, who lives on Goldsmith Avenue, was very shocked and upset. She told us: "It was terrible to find Lola like that and I am finding it very difficult to let my other cat out."

She has since been in touch with Ealing Council to see whether anything can be done about the foxes. She told us: "The Council say they are unable to help me in any way about these wild animals.

"As a pet owner, I am really shocked by how a domestic cat could be killed so brutally. Lola's injuries were truly horrific.

"If I can prevent other cats - or other animals or even children - from being hurt or worse by foxes, Lola's death will not have been in vain. I would like to try to get neighbours in Acton to do something about this as a community.

"The Council has sent me an advice sheet listing various contacts who can help with this problem which seems to be on the increase. I am happy to forward this information to anyone who thinks they can make a difference."


June 10, 2009