Plans for A40 Crossing Given the Boot

New Footbridge Plan for Perryn Road Crossing

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After general dismay and protests from local residents and particularly from the East Acton Residents' Association over Transport for London (TfL) plans to replace the Perryn Road footbridge with a pedestrian crossing, news this week of a turnaround by the Mayor's office should be welcomed.

Angie Bray, Leader of the Conservative London Assembly members and Conservative candidate for Ealing Central and Acton had a meeting earlier this week with TFL who have now agreed that a pedestrian crossing at road level at that spot would not be appropriate. TfL are going to replace the footbridge after all.

They are now going to launch a consultation with stakeholders and are organising a public exhibition of the new footbridge plans over three days next week.  They will also be leafleting 20,000 households to inform them of the exhibition and their plans in the next few days.  Angie Bray has been helping the campaign by tabling a series of questions to the Mayor at Mayoral Question Time on behalf of local councillors and residents over the past six months and during that time there has been a change of heart by TfL.

TFL briefed Angie Bray and local Assembly member Richard Barnes about their plans for the new bridge yesterday afternoon.

Angie Bray said yesterday: "I am delighted that Mr. Livingstone and TfL have at last seen sense about replacing the footbridge across the A40 by Perryn Road.  This would never have been a suitable spot for a pedestrian crossing.  It is far too busy with cars speeding past and as local residents have pointed it, it could have been extremely dangerous. Obviously it will now be for residents and councillors to take a view on the design plans for the new footbridge but at least, after a long campaign, it is a bridge that we are considering not a dangerous crossing."

Transport for London say the new footbridge will:
• Have ramps and steps to meet modern accessibility standards
• Accommodate cyclists
• Be lit at night
• Have clear sight lines so there are no dark corners on the stairs or ramps
• Be designed by an award winning firm of architects to enhance the urban environment

In a leaflet produced to give residents more information about the project which should be received shortly by 20,000 households in the area, TfL have given information on the plans.

They say the existing footbridge needs to be replaced because it was built in the 1960s and is in a poor state of repair, having reached the end of its useful life. It has been struck by vehicles several times.  

The existing footbridge also does not provide access for people with limited mobility or cyclists.

As part of the ongoing work to replace the rail bridges on the A40 Western Avenue, TfL initially decided to replace the footbridge with a road level crossing controlled by traffic lights. This decision was reviewed in light of local concerns and a study of movements of pedestrians and vehicle traffic in the A40 Western Avenue area.

TfL said: "There are several important factors that we had to bear in mind when designing the new footbridge, especially new accessibility regulations.  Ramps have to be included in the design, and cannot be too steep. This meant that more land was required to construct the new bridge than the current bridge uses.  

"The land required to build the new bridge is owned by a number of different organisations including Ealing Council and TfL.

"The new bridge can be partially constructed so that a crossing will be available throughout the construction of the new footbridge."   

The A40 is an essential route taking traffic in and out of London and TfL say they will be working in stages reduce disruption to bridge users and traffic during construction of the new footbridge.

The new footbridge will be situated diagonally across the A40. Issues including land ownership, location of utilities such as gas pipes in the pavement, user access and ability to position the ramps means the best orientation for the bridge span is diagonally across the road with clear sight lines on ramps and stairs.  

To ensure that users feel safe on the bridge TfL have arranged the ramps and stairs in such a way that other users can be seen at all times.

The construction will happen in three stages:

1 Stairs built first
2 Bridge span craned
into place
3 Ramps added

Timetable for the project:

January 2008
Grimshaw and Partners, Hyder Consulting and the project team at TfL will continue to work on the detailed design of the footbridge.

February 2008
TfL present a final design to the public for their views.

Spring 2008
Following public comments TfL will make any final amendments to the design.

Summer 2008
The construction company who will build the bridge is selected.

Winter 2008
Work starts on constructing the parts of the bridge that can be built off site.

Spring 2009
Work starts on site to install the new bridge over the A40.

Autumn 2009
First users cross the new footbridge.

October 12, 2007