Two Twyford Students in Accident outside School

After recent appeal for another crossing on Uxbridge Road

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Reports have been received by about a serious accident involving two school pupils on a pedestrian crossing outside Twyford School.

This site recently reported on a petition, signed by around 1,200 people to get an extra crossing on this dangerous stretch of the Uxbridge Road. With a Tesco Express over the road, numbers of students are crossing this dangerous stretch of the Uxbridge Road every day.

A Year 8 student interviewed today told us: "One boy got hit in the leg, and the other was hit in the back. I think he fell on his head because he was unconscious. The unconscious boy was on a stretcher when I got there and was being picked up by the ambulance men. The other boy was on the ground with a blanket over both legs.

"Teachers told us that the boy with the leg injury had gone home from hospital and that the boy who was unconscious was awake and ok. He was waiting for the x-ray results before going home. We were also told that both boys would be back at school on Monday."

When asked what happened, the student told us: "I think both boys ran across the crossing when the light was yellow. Some people said the boys were hit by a car trying to get round a bus and that the car didn't stop afterwards."

Enquiries have been made at the school which is shut today for reasons not connected with the accident. We should be able to report further on this serious matter next week.

Hazooria Taan, aged 15, who has been campaigning for a year for an extra crossing outside the school, told us: " It was very traumatic for the school and everyone thinks that we urgently need another crossing here."

Hazooria is in touch with local councillors, the Mayor and David Millican, Cabinet member at Ealing Council for Regeneration and Transport and has urged them to act.


November 14, 2008