Southfield Residents Warned About Bogus Door to Door Builders

Police urge people to be cautious

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Acton Central Team

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Southfield Ward Team


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The Safer Neighbourhood Team in Southfield Ward has issued a warning to local residents to be on the look out for door to door con men, offering their services as builders.  The following letter was sent out to Southfield residents.

Dear Residents,

There has been an incident recently on Southfield Ward whereby a resident has been approached by a couple of individuals offering their services as builders. The end result was that this resident unfortunately became a victim of a theft of a considerable amount of money.
Please be aware that there are still people that will use any pretence to gain money from unsuspecting residents. They often come across as respectable and approachable with plausible reasons/excuses for knocking at doors. Be careful of this and if you have any doubts do not let any person into your homes without any prior appointments.
Do not be afraid of ringing the emergency number 999 should you feel concerned at any point.

To contact us directly 0208 721 2946
In an Emergency call 999
For non Emergencies call 0300 123 1212
Confidential Anti -Terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321
Crime Stoppers - Anonymous Crime Reporting 0800 555 111



28 November 2010