Two Burglaries on Goldsmith Avenue

One man arrested; Police investigations continue

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On Tuesday last week (November 10th) Ealing police received a call alerting them that there had been a burglary at an address on Goldsmith Avenue.

The premises had been searched and an estimated £3,000 worth of electronic equipment including a Nikon and Sony cameras, Sony DVD hard-drive recorder, Rotary watch, £550 worth of department store vouchers and some personal jewellery items had been taken.

Later that week on Thursday officers from Ealing Burglary Squad executed a search warrant at a house on Cumberland Park. A 47 year old man was arrested for the burglary on Goldsmith Avenue two days beforehand. He was subsequently charged with offences of burglary and Proceeds of Crime Act.

The man appeared at Ealing Magistrates Court the next day.

On Friday, another house on Goldsmith Avenue was targeted at around 2.30pm.

Entry was through the front door after a pane of glass was smashed.

The resident said: "Henceforth, even if we're in the house, we will double-lock the door."

A police spokesman said: “Ealing police are actively working with the Local Authority and other partnership agencies to reduce crime in your area. Our Safer Neighbourhood Teams carry out regular security checks in the area as well as providing the residents with information about property marking. If you need any information regarding personal or home security, please contact your local SNT”.

Last month the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) re-launched one of its most popular advertising campaigns, Operation Bumblebee.

"Think Like a Burglar", is the message to Londoners, which running on radio, bus stop and tube card advertising.

It features a "spot the difference" theme encouraging Londoners to take action to protect their property.

A Bumblebee Task Force, comprising two teams of eighty officers, will enhance the borough response to targeting the most prolific burglars. Operationally, plain clothes and uniformed teams, PCSOs, and central pan London CID teams are prioritising operations against prolific offenders. To date, 584 people have been arrested.

The MPS has also been deploying the new proceeds of crime act legislation to repossess stolen money and other assets from persons convicted of burglary. This would include for example, seizing the money in their bank, or property such as a plasma screen television bought with the proceeds of crime. We have also been using the new legislation to seize uninsured cars from the road as there is a direct correlation between those involved in burglary and other crimes and a failure to insure their vehicles.

MPS Commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, said: "I personally believe that the affects of burglary are so much more significant than a loss of property. Burglary is a violation of people's homes, a place where individuals and their families should feel safe and secure. That is why I have launched this targeted campaign to show that the Met tackles this head on and am pleased to see that we have made clear inroads with over 500 arrests in the last two weeks”.

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said: “Burglary is an appalling crime which devastates people's lives and makes them fearful in their own homes. I applaud the Met for responding quickly to the recent rise in residential burglaries in the capital and re-launching the Operation Bumblebee campaign. Operations like this deliver the common sense policing that people want, raise confidence in the police service and send a clear message to the burglars that they will be caught and punished”.

Ealing Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Sultan Taylor added: “I hope that Operation Bumblebee will be as much success as the 1993 original in reducing the number of burglaries across London. Please contact your local Safer Neighbourhoods Team should you require any additional information. Together I hope that we can deter burglars and reduce the level of crime in Ealing”.


November 20, 2009