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A mother of four from Acton is one of two people who are bring held by police in Syria. They were arrested over two weeks ago but British officials have not been allowed to see them.

Maryam Kallis was taken by the authorities with an unnamed man.

Foreign Office minister Bill Rammell, was in Syria this week and is raising the matter with his counterparts.

Mrs. Kallis's husband Masood says that the Syrian intelligence services are notorious for using torture. He has also criticised the Foreign Office saying they are not taking much action because his wife is a Muslim.

Mrs Kallis and her husband moved to the Syrian capital Damascus in 2002 but later separated.

A Foreign Office spokesman said: "On March 15 and on March 17 respectively we were made aware of the detention of two British nationals in Syria. In both cases we quickly raised the need for immediate consular access with the Syrian government, doing so within 24 hours. We have followed up this initial action with numerous further representations, including from London and from our Charge on the ground. We are disappointed that so far we have not received consular access."



April 2, 2009