Woman Punched by Youths in Acton Park

Warning to others and descriptions of suspects


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Lucy Webster has contacted ActonW3.com to let us know about an unpleasant attack in Acton Park.

Ms Webster was walking through Acton Park at 5.45pm on Friday October 10th and noticed a group of Afro-Caribbean boys sitting to one side. A few had bikes.

Two of them were playing with a tree branch, but stopped to let her pass. As she walked by, one boy started swinging the branch over her head. She told him to leave her alone but he continued.

Ms Webster told us: "Once again I told both of them, "it's not funny as I could get hurt." One of the boys then decided to punch me round the face and the other on the back of my head with the branch. I was then pushed onto the floor.

"Neither of their friends helped or did anything to stop this incident but walked off out of the park towards the Bromyard Estate."

Ms Webster informed the police who have recorded the incident, but she decided to take matters a little further and warn others about these youths.

She told us: "Since the incident, I still have to go through or past the park, which makes me very angry, nervous and upset and it is affecting my work and social life. But I refuse to hide from the boys who attacked me as it was stupid and pointless.

"I used to play in this park when I was a kid and I am not giving up my past for a bunch of boys who decide to disrupt an innocent stranger's life in this way. I will not be able to rest until they have been caught. I have no permanent injuries but this has really affected me."

Ms Webster has given descriptions of the two boys who assaulted her:

1. Age between 15-18, 5ft 5ins, very dark skin, dark eyes and short dark hair, chubby cheeks, flat nose and slanted eyes. Wore a white tracksuit.

2. Age between 15-18, 5ft 5ins, very Dark Skin, big round dark eyes, short dark hair, high forehead, flat nose and big lips. Wore a navy/dark track suit.

Ms Webster thinks they may live in the Acton/Bromyard area, but asks anyone who recognises the above description to get in touch with Acton Police Station on 0208 896 1212. Alternatively, they could contact East Acton Safer Neighbourhood Team who are aware of the incident (details in box, right).

November 6, 2008