Blitz on Crime and Grime in South Acton

Safer Neighbourhood task force initiative


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Youth Caught after Double Robbery

South Acton Drug Addicts Preyed on Elderly Residents

Break-in on Old Oak Common Lane

Dog Attack in Springfield Gardens

Second Mobility Vehicle Crime in Less than a Month

Elderly Woman on Mobility Vehicle is Robbed



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A Safer Neighbourhood led partnership task force hit the streets of South Acton last week as part of an initiative to make the area crime and grime free.

The focus of the operation was on environmental issues and public safety advice.

The five days of action led by the South Acton Safer Neighbourhood Team and Ealing homes involved representatives from 13 partner organisations including the London Fire brigade, LBE graffiti team, DVLA, DAAP, St Mungos and Youth Services.

The agencies set up an information stall throughout the week at the Oaktree Community Centre which offered residents the opportunity to raise concerns and seek advice and support to key agencies on issues such as crime prevention, substance misuse and fire safety.

Officers completed a neighbourhood weapon and drugs sweep with several partnership agencies to help make a visible difference to the borough and rid the area of any drugs and highly dangerous weapons.

Officers also carried out a search warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act at residential address on the estate and made one arrest for possession with intent to supply drugs.

8 untaxed or uninsured cars were seized as part of a crackdown on vehicle offences and 44 offences were reported by the DVLA.

Raising awareness, especially amongst young people formed a key strand of our week of action.

Four ex offenders gave a talk at the Bollo Brooke Community Centre and a film aimed to raise awareness and hi-light the devastation that gun & knife criminality has on families and communities was shown in the Oaktree Community Centre.

In addition, London Fire Brigade carried out 2, 500 fire safety visits and personal safety advice was supplied to elderly residents.

Ealing Homes carried out a number of activities throughout the week including –
• General maintenance in residential blocks on the estate.
• Audits of 14 blocks for outstanding repairs and maintenance issues including residents survey
• Bulk refuse collection and litter picking
• Graffiti removal
• Cleansing response team
• Tenancy verification

Police sergeant Danny Williams, South Acton safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

“The activities undertaken in South Acton last week are typical of the work the local Safer Neighbourhood Teams in partnership throughout the year across the borough to help reduce anti-social behaviour and help improve our communities for residents and visitors alike.

The initiative highlighted what can be achieved when strategic partners coordinate their resources effectively to tackle issues such as substance misuse, graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime.

Taking part in a variety of different initiatives such as these partnership action days will help us achieve our vision of making the South Acton Estate a safer place for all.”

Other action included:

7 Abandoned Vehicle recovered
77 stop and stop and accounts were carried out
6 Persons processed for traffic offences


July 16, 2008