Police Operation at Acton Bus Stop

Arrests during support operation on the Vale


Police and TfL on the Vale, Acton

Police at bus stop on the Vale


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Safer Neighbourhood Teams
East Acton Ward 020-8721 2708
South Acton Ward 020-8721 7189
Acton Central Ward 020-8721-7190/020 8721 2921
Southfield Ward 020-8721-2946
Crime Prevention Office 020-8246-1252

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On the Vale today a large number of Police and Transport for London (TfL) inspectors were gathered together in at the bus stop near the junction with Bromyard Avenue.

Sergeant Halliwell, who was in charge of the operation, explained what was going on after we witnessed a number of people being questioned and a young man being driven away in a police car.

Sgt Halliwell told us: "This is a joint operation between the police and Transport for London. TfL are dealing with revenue protection issues while the police are here to support them and to deal with criminality. When the police are present TfL are able to ask 'fare dodgers' to leave the bus to prevent any unnecessary delays for other passengers."

He told us that one person had been arrested this morning for assaulting a PCSO. Someone else was arrested who has been 'missing from court appearances' and two other people were arrested during the operation because "their details could not be verified." As a result of the Police presence six people in total were arrested for various offences.

Sergeant Halliwell told me he has been part of the South West Task team since 2006. Their brief is to provide support for "surface transport" in London. As well as their work tackling crime and disorder on buses, the team also work on counter-terrorism. "There's lots going on all the time. We're based in Hammersmith. We normally cover South West London but we've been seconded to North West London for three months."

This highly visible and apparently successful operation comes only hours after Ealing Borough Police announced an increase in burglary in the Borough.

January 18, 2008