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Some residents within Ealing Borough have heard rumours that Ealing Police Station is due to close imminently. The following should throw some light on the situation.

In 2004 the Metropolitan Police Service and Metropolitan Police Authority formally launched the new property and estates strategy – Building Towards the Safest City. The new strategy was needed to support the requirements of modern front line policing. The end result of the strategy should be a modern, flexible and affordable police estate with space to accommodate rising police numbers and facilities focussed on the priorities of modern policing.

Ealing Police Station in its current state is not fit for modern day policing due to its high maintenance bills, health and safety issues and lamentable station reception facility for the general public. At this time there are is no official date as to when Ealing Police Station will relocate to a new building but they have said they will keep everyone informed with an update on developments.

In December 2005, all Ealing operational and CID Officers were re-housed at the newly refurbished and extended Acton Police Station following a 18month and £9m redevelopment programme. At present, Ealing police station currently accommodates the Borough Commander of Ealing Borough, some members of the senior management, some of our 23 Safer Neighbourhood Teams, community and partnership department and other non-operational support departments such as human resources and finance and resources departments.

These will all move to the new accommodation when it becomes available with the exception of Safer Neighbourhood teams who will go to their respective wards. Police Officers assigned to patrol Ealing now begin and end their shift, receive their daily briefings, process prisoners and complete crime reports at Acton Police Station. At all other times they continue to carry out their day-to-day patrols and daily routine of policing Ealing efficiently and effectively. They would like to reassure the public that there should be no effect on the policing of Ealing.

Ealing Police Station will eventually move to a new site which will be modern and better-positioned with properly equipped accommodation.

Borough Commander Colette Paul said: “My message to the community in Ealing is that when we do find a suitable site it will be located as close as possible to the local authority building, Perceval House in Uxbridge Road, Ealing. This new venue will also be fitted with a modern station office facility, which will offer an up to date, properly equipped customer friendly facility to enable us to provide an improved quality of service to everyone in Ealing Borough." She continued: "At this time there are is no date as to when this move will happen and we will keep everyone informed as soon as we have an update on developments.”

November 12, 2006