Judges Give Acton Court Thumbs Down

Magistrates is likely to close to save money



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It's looking increasingly likely that Acton Magistrates' Court will close as part of a judicial shake-up designed to save millions of pounds.

Acton is one of 157 Courts described as underused or inadequate and, with neighbouring Brentford and Harrow is on the Government hit list.

In a recent submission to the Ministry of Justice senior judges warned against plans to shut some of the courts saying it would leave the capital struggling to cope with any rise in crime.

However, the judges have given their backing to the closures of magistrates' courts at Acton, Highgate and Brentford.

It is estimated the Government will save around £37million a year in running and maintenance costs.

In a written ministerial statement, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke wrote: "We need to look critically at the services courts provide – they are a vital pillar of the justice system but they are not the only forum where civil disputes can be resolved.

"I want to explore whether more people can resolve their disputes using alternative methods which give faster solutions that are flexible to people’s needs. Increasingly we are using the internet, telephone and video technology in our work and personal lives – we should be more rigorous in exploring their use across the justice system so fewer people have physically to attend court for routine purposes."

To view and comment on the consultation, visit http://www.justice.gov.uk/consultations/consultations.htm


October 27th 2010


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