Much Ado About Crossings

Council plans to alter the High Street cause controversy


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As part of their previously-reported improvement plans, the council intends to implement what it calls the "Acton Town Centre corridor improvement scheme," which will change bus stops, pedestrian crossings and most controversially add mini-roundabouts to Acton High Street.

The plans are available on the council's web site, and have been sent to many living in affected areas, though many residents are unhappy with the proposed changes.

Most questioned are the plans to replace the complicated junction between the High Street and Steyne Road (in front of the police station) with a mini-roundabout. The contention lies in the associated suggestion that the junction up the road between Uxbridge Road (which of course turns into the High Street) and Gunnersbury Lane would be blocked, i.e. a car driving down Gunnersbury Lane towards the High Street could not turn left onto Uxbridge Road and drive towards Ealing, and vis versa.

The council plans for cars to continue further down to the proposed mini-roundabout and u-turn there. However, there are fears from residents that this would turn the smaller roads connecting Uxbridge Road and Gunnersbury Lane into rat runs, as drivers try to avoid the upcoming roundabout.

Also in contention are the provisions given to pedestrians in the proposals, with many residents believing that council is more focused on cutting congestion then aiding walking in the area. The proposals do intend to remove a number of pelican crossings and replace them with uncontrolled crossings, though they also intend to widen some walkways and place certain areas of road on a raised table to reduce speed.

The council claim that plans are based on previous successful schemes elsewhere in the borough, but that hasn't placated many of our more vocal residents. The plans are still in consultation, so you can fill out an online questionnaire and get your voice heard. There's a rather heated thread about this very subject in our wonderful forums so feel free to get in the scrum!

November 3, 2011


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