Rogue Landlords Receive Huge Fine

Tenants left to live in appalling conditions

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Two rogue landlords have been ordered to pay more than £28,000 after an Ealing Council investigation revealed they had left their tenants to live in appalling conditions.

Residents living in the five privately rented bedsits in Park Avenue, Park Royal, endured weeks of interruptions to their hot water, heating, and electricity supply, as well as rat infestations. Officers from the council’s Regulatory Services team repeatedly visited the property after receiving complaints from tenants.

Das Lal, who is freeholder for the property and Hussein Ibrahim, who managed the flats and collected the rent were both served with notices requiring them to sort out problems with the boilers and get rid of a rat infestation, but they failed to act. Eventually council officers had to call out Transco to condemn two of the boilers. They called in contractors to fit new boilers and Lal and Ibrahim were later billed for the work.

Councillor Vlod Barchuk, Cabinet Member for Safer Communities, said: “It’s disgusting that people profit from making others live in squalor and misery. Officers have told me this was like the house from hell and I’m pleased they’ve received such hefty fines. I hope this will serve as a warning to others that we won’t accept these irresponsible, profiteering landlords.”

Lal, of Keats Way, West Drayton,appeared before Ealing Magistrates on Thursday 14 January, where he was found guilty of two offences under the Housing Act (2004) and two under the Environmental Protection Act (1990). Ibrahim, of Princes Avenue, Greenford, failed to show up at court but was found guilty in his absence.

The men were each ordered to pay £14,344 in total, comprising fines of:

£2,500 for failing to provide a hot water supply
£5,000 for the vermin infestation
£2,500 for the interruption to the electricity supply
£1,000 for failing to display the contact details of the manager of the property.

Both were also ordered to pay £3,329, to each cover 50% of the prosecution costs for the case and £15 victim surcharge.

The men only have until 11 February to each make their first payment of £6,000 and must pay the balance of £8,344 in instalments by 14 April 2010.


January 28, 2010