Debt Counselling Centre Opens in Acton

Don't stay silent - with CAP's help you can find a solution

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For more information, visit or call on 0800 328 0006.  

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Christians Against Poverty, the national debt counselling charity, has announced that it is opening a dedicated debt counselling centre in Acton. 

The news, which comes at a time of unprecedented financial difficulty for many, will mean that individuals throughout West London will now be able to take advantage of the charity’s free, specialist advice.

Using its successful combination of practical and sustainable financial solutions, coupled with sensitivity to individual and personal needs, the charity aims to bring hope to those trapped by debt in West London. 

The Centre has been launched in partnership with Oak Tree Anglican Fellowship. 

Heading up the CAP centre is Teresa Pickering, who will work with all members of the local community, regardless of religious belief, negotiating with creditors to work out a realistic budget for clients, which prioritises food and essential bills to ensure they will be debt free within five years.   

Teresa will also be supported and managed by the charity’s Operations Centre in Bradford, so that she is also able to offer clients a CAP Account and insolvency services should they need them.

The CAP Account acts as a simple bank account to help people pay their priority debts and the insolvency service provides a solution to those who, even with careful budgeting, would be facing a life sentence of debt repayments.  

Matt Barlow, UK CEO for Christians Against Poverty, said: ‘We are thrilled to open our latest centre in Acton as the UK continues to battle against the increasing tide of personal debt.   

"We aim to bring hope and a free, practical solution to the problem of debt, whilst helping individuals through the often traumatic consequences, which can include divorce, going hungry and even attempted suicide. Teresa will be a fantastic asset to us as a charity as we seek to help even more people across the UK, and we have every confidence that the local community in Acton will soon feel the benefits of having a CAP centre on their doorstep.’ 

Teresa, CAP Centre Manager in Acton said: "Debt is an increasing problem in our society but individuals can receive the help and support they need through Christians Against Poverty’s work.   

"The worst thing someone in debt can do is stay silent, so I would urge anyone in financial difficulty in the area to contact me on 0800 328 0006.  Being in debt is nothing to be ashamed of and I know we can work together to provide a lasting solution."





June 25, 2010