Board War in Acton: Signs Uprooted

Bushells school sponsorship scheme leads to board rage attack

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A bizarre crime, previously unheard of in Acton, has come to light.

A resident, who was participating in a school sponsorship scheme for Derwentwater School, was amazed when the Bushells' estate agent's board in front of her house was uprooted last week and hurled into her front garden.

The resident told us: "I was standing in my front hall, when I became aware that something was going on outside my house. I could see through the front door that someone was doing something to the board. When I opened the front door, the Bushell's board had been pulled out and thrown into the front garden. I saw a man getting into a smart, convertible car and I noted down the number plate."

A few days later, the resident noticed the very same car parked off Acton High Street. It had a business permit in the windscreen. She informed Bushells Estate Agents about the matter and they worked out that the mystery board uprooter was someone who worked for a rival estate agency.

Bushell's sales manager Bobby Cherian told us "our Director has now spoken to the head of the agency in question. They are dealing with this matter in-house."

Such schemes are commonplace in London where every estate agency board is effective advertising. Each participant in the Derwentwater scheme has a board in front of their house which states that they are 'proud supporters of Derwentwater Primary School'. The estate agency donates £16 to the school for every month each board is on display.

The scheme has so far proved very lucrative for Derwentwater. The estate agency will be donating over £500 to the school so far. This is part of an on-going sponsorship after the agency also sponsored various events at Derwentwater linked to their Christmas Fair.


February 3, 2010