Tune Inn Nightclub Loses Its Licence

After a series of crime incidents

A nightclub on Acton High Street with a history of violent crime has had its licence removed.

Police applied for the Tune Inn to have its premises licence revoked after a string of drunken assaults, thefts and other crimes took place at the club.

The council’s licensing sub-committee, which met on Wednesday, 13 March, 2012, heard that police had dealt with 27 incidents of crime linked with the club since April 2011.

The catalogue of incidents included one night in December 2012 in which a 16 year old boy was stabbed outside the venue and a police officer was punched in the face.

Ealing Council’s CCTV cameras frequently recorded violent crime and public disorder outside the Tune Inn. CCTV evidence included a recording from March 2012 of a man leaving the club and then hitting a woman so hard in the face that her nose bled. The premises licence holder at the time, Bogdan Turek is seen turning around and walking away from the incident. He later told officers that he did not want to get involved in a domestic argument.

On another occasion police arrested a drunk 17-year-old who had been involved in an assault in the venue and found with cannabis.

Several warnings had been issued by the council’s regulatory services enforcement and police licensing officers to Mr Turek in recent years. In 2009 the venue had its licence suspended for four weeks.

Last year Mr Turek was warned to improve searches of customers for weapons and drugs as they arrived at the club and bar entry to anyone who refused to be searched.

Mill Hill Park and Churchfield Gardens residents’ associations gave evidence about how they had to endure drunken, violent behaviour and noise from Tune Inn patrons.

In January Nigel Gibb took over from Mr Turek as premises licence holder, however Mr Turek remained the designated premises supervisor responsible for the club’s day to day running.

Ealing Council leader, Julian Bell said: “The Tune Inn had become a source of violence and drunken behaviour, putting people at risk of injury or being victims of crime.

“Management ignored warnings about security and allowing customers to drink to excess. This could not be allowed to continue and I welcome the sub-committee’s decision to take away the club’s licence.”

Graham Edwards, Ealing Police Licensing Sergeant said: “Despite efforts over time to get management to address serious issues, the premises continued to be associated with drunken behaviour and violent crime.

“We are pleased with the decision and thank residents who gave evidence to the sub-committee on how the venue impacted on their quality of life.”

The Tune Inn has 21 days to appeal the decision and can remain open to trade until any appeal is determined.

To contact the joint police and council licensing team call 020 8825 6655 or email licensing@ealing.gov.uk


20th March 2013


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