New Traveller Encampment on Ealing Common

Increasing anger after residents report fire, rubbish and anti-social activity

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Picture via Ealing Common Conservatives


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There's growing anger after a second traveller encampment appeared on Ealing Common following the departure of another group.

Around a dozen caravans moved onto the southern section earlier in the week and over bank holiday local Councillor Joanna Dabrowska, received numerous messages of concern.

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Picture via Ealing Common Conservatives

The fire brigade were called to put out a bonfire and the police have been contacted due to the antisocial behaviour caused by quad bikes, dirt bikes and motorbikes racing around the common at the moment.

Residents have been reporting loud noise and an intoxicating smell from the bonfire. Some residents say they were verbally abused whilst walking through the Common.

Cllr Joanna Dabrowska is pushing for a borough-wide injunction and is angry that the Council are not doing enough. She said,
“What needs to happen for Ealing Council to wake up? The common is yet again on fire, yet the council, being a bank holiday has no-one on duty. A recently-appointed traveller liaison officer is not the answer. We need to show that we will come down hard on those who are disrespectful towards our community, and are not welcome. Additionally,  taxpayer-funded police and fire brigade time is wasted due to such nonchalant activities.”

Her comments follow anger from residents in Northfields after huge amounts of rubbish was left in a vacant light industrial estate by one illegal encampment.

Orion Park

The unauthorised encampment has now been issued with section 77 notices advising them to vacate the site by 5pm this Thursday (30 August).  If this fails, then the local authority has to apply to the local courts for an eviction and then a removal notice. The Police also have section 61 powers to remove the travellers.

We are awaiting further comment from Ealing Council.

August 29, 2018

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