Three Acton 'Beds-in-Sheds' Demolished

Owner also breaching laws using houses as a flat and hotel


suningdale beds in sheds

Before and after

Sunningdale Ave beds in sheds

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So called 'beds-in-sheds' on Sunningdale Avenue in East Acton have been demolished by Ealing Council.

Officers first discovered the illegal dwellings at the rear of numbers 2, 4 & 6 Sunningdale Avenue, W3, in November 2013. The landlord, Sofiane Belbegra, was served with a planning enforcement notice requiring the three units to be demolished.

Mr Belbegra appealed the enforcement notice and, following a public inquiry held in November 2014, the Planning Inspectorate dismissed the appeal giving him until 18 June 2015 to comply.

The deadline passed with no remedial action being taken and a formal warning was issued to Mr Belbegra. He again failed to comply leaving the council with no choice but to send in bulldozers over the weekend of 22 August to demolish the three unauthorised buildings.

Council leader, Councillor Julian Bell, who has responsibility for planning, said: “Planning laws are in place to stop unlawful, dangerous structures being put up randomly and to protect neighbourhoods, as well as tenants. I am particularly pleased to see a really robust approach to enforcement being carried through and real consequences being felt by the unscrupulous landlord, as in this case.”

As a result of the demolition carried out by the council, Mr Belbegra will be sent a bill for the cost of the entire works. If the bill is not settled a charge will be placed on the properties which will incur interest until the outstanding money is paid in full.

In addition, during the appeal in November, it came to light that Mr Belbegra was using the three main houses at Sunningdale Avenue as a hotel and flats. The council has since issued him with a further enforcement notice requiring these uses to stop, and an appeal against this notice is ongoing.

Residents can report suspected planning breaches at:

Find out more about planning and  search for an application or a decision on the council’s website at:

23rd September 2015