Acton Safer Neighbourhood Team Monthly Update

General Update from Sergeant Chris Cook

January - Following burglary in the west part of the ward being designated a priority by the Ward Panel, Acton Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team have undertaken a series of shifts dedicated to tackling the issue of burglary within Acton Central Ward. The team, made up of 1 Sergeant, 2 Constables and 3 Police Community Support Officers, employed numerous tactics to maximise disruption to criminals operating in the area. These included plain-clothes patrols, cycle patrols and high-visibility patrolling.

During 10 shifts the team were responsible for a total of 8 arrests (possession with intent to supply class A drugs in relation to a known burglary subject, wanted on warrant, breach of ASBO, disorderly conduct contrary to Section 4 Public Order Act, 2 x theft, possession with intent to supply drugs x 2 and possession of an offensive weapon). Additional activities included 3 PCSO detentions (leading to arrest), 27 anti-social behaviour dispersals, 49 stop and account, 25 stop and search, 2 cannabis warnings, 1 penalty notice for cannabis possession, 18 victim follow ups, 6 licencing visits intelligence related activities and intelligence related activities.

Within the above patrols, as the result of the use of stop and search powers, Acton Central Officers arrested a male for possession of a large quantity of cocaine. Initial estimates indicate a value of at least £187000, which could be considerably higher if uncut as currently suspected.

Upcoming in March - Acton Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team, in conjunction with the Local Authority and partners, will be launching a Business Watch in the Acton High Street area. This activity will include the regular sharing of intelligence between partner organisations and will allow retailers to target known offenders with greater effectiveness.

Current crime patterns:

Friary Park Estate - Over recent weeks increased reports of anti-social behaviour, including drugs activity, have been received in relation the Friary Park Estate. The Police have been working with Catalyst Housing to reduce these problems, and a number of interventions have taken place. However, the Police are appealing for any information that may be relevant in relation to the issue. Contact details for the team can be found on the Metropolitan Police website using the 'Safer Neighbourhoods Team Locator'. For anyone who is concerned about speaking to the Police directly, Crime Stoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Burglary (West part of Acton Central Ward) - There continues to be a spate of burglary occurring in the west part of the ward. Police continue to tackle this matter using a variety of tactics, however, offences still continue to occur. As a result the Police would like residents, particularly in the Noel Road and Saxon Drive areas, to be vigilant in relation to suspicious activity. Examples could be "cold callers" at front doors asking for people who do not reside, or individuals trying to gain access to alleyways for no apparent reason. Although the Police offer a free "crime prevention survey" service, there has been little uptake. If you would like the Police to attend and advise upon potential security improvements, please contact the Safer Neighbourhoods Team, who would be more than happy to assist. Please also consider personal security improvements. Currently there are number of methods being employed by criminals to gain access to premises. Offences to date mainly involve premises being accessed via the rear of premises, via locked windows and doors. Links have also been made with premises that have easily accessible alleyways and largely occur in premises where working alarms are not in operation. If you do not have a working alarm, please consider having one installed. Many can be self-installed without the need for sometimes costly engineers.

Regards, Acton Safer Neighbourhood team




25th February 2013


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