Acton Post Office To Close in October

No alternative site found yet but it's hoped the new unit could host counters

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Acton Post Office on King Street will close on 24 October leaving the centre without a postal facility.

A Post Office Spokesperson has apologised and told, ''As you know we’ve been given notice by our landlord to vacate our current premises because they have plans to redevelop the site.  We secured an extension to the landlord’s original notice and this allows us to remain at the location until 24 October 2018.

''We’re actively working to find a long-term solution in Acton and we’re speaking with potential new Post Office operators. We are also aware that the landlord plans to include a retail unit in the new development and once we are able to survey this for suitability and commercial terms we will be able to add this as an option into our considerations.

''We’re sorry that it is unlikely that there will be a replacement in place before the Acton branch is forced to close but it is vital that we develop the right solution to ensure Post Office sustainability in the area into the future. 

''There are four other Post Office branches in the area  - Horn Lane (0.7 miles from Acton branch) and Ealing Common, The Vale and East Acton (within 2 miles from Acton branch).  We will be monitoring these to ensure customer service standards are maintained after Acton branch is closed.''

31 July 2018


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