Action Taken Over The Convenience Barn

Effort to stop problems caused by alcohol on Acton High Street

A shop on Acton High Street that reportedly sold alcohol to children and street drinkers - who were already drunk - has had its licencing hours cut.

The Convenience Barn, came under review by Ealing Sub-licensing Committee after incidents of anti-social behaviour in and around the surrounding area.

The shop had an extended licence to sell alcohol between 8am and 2am Monday to Friday, and 10:30am - 2am on Sundays but has now had its hours reduced.

The store will only be able to sell alcohol between 8am and 11pm Monday to Friday and 10:30am to 10:30pm on a Sunday.

Officers from Acton Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team, including Volunteer Police Cadets provided the review panel with evidence that the store was popular with street drinkers, was selling alcohol out of hours and to those under the age of 18. They said this was proving to have a negative affect on the area, increasing the incidents of anti-social behaviour and blighting the lives of local residents.

As well as the reduction in hours, the Licensing Sub-committee has banned the stock and sale of single cans of beer, lager and cider over 5.5%, addressing the issues of high strength sales.

These changes will come into effect when the current alcohol suspension, which was put in place on Thursday, 12 March, following a serious assault and disorder at the premises, is lifted on Wednesday, 22 April.

Ealing Police Licensing Officer Detective Constable Bob Boodhram said:

"The Metropolitan Police is committed to reducing anti-social behaviour and street drinking within Acton town centre. This means that where it is required the Police will have no hesitation in bringing licensees before a licensing sub-committee to address residents' views. In conjunction with our partner agencies, the Metropolitan Police Service will always take action against licensed premises linked to crime and anti-social behaviour within Ealing borough. Appropriate measures to bring off licences into necessary compliance with the Licensing Act 2003 will always be sought from the borough's locally elected representatives."


27th April 2015


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