Council Accused of Ignoring Acton's Crime Problems

Concerns over anti-social activity around Crown Street in W3

lombard court church street w3

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An Acton resident has raised his concerns about crime and anti-social behaviour before Ealing Councillors.

At a full meeting of Ealing Councillors ( 20th December) Mr Mohammed Firin, a resident from Lombard Court, Crown Street, asked why the council were not willing to remove hedges or actively solve long running anti-social behaviour and drug dealing, which he said was regularly taking place into the early hours. Last year a teenager was stabbed to death on the road.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Gary Malcolm said the situation was getting out of hand and agreed with Mr Firin that action was urgently needed.:

''I know the area very well and it appeared the Council were kicking the problem into the long grass. Liberal Democrats know that anti-social behaviour can really disrupt people’s quality of life. The Council and the police should look in into this with a greater priority. The resident would trek from Acton to Ealing if he was not desperate.''

A council spokesperson said: ''We are working with the local police and A2Dominion to investigate the anti-social behavior that is affecting the residents of Lombard Court and how it can be stopped. As part of this, we will be reviewing the impact of the planters outside of Lombard Court as well as exploring other underlying causes and options to improve life for residents. We will stay in contact with residents and keep them updated on our discussions.''



21st December 2016


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