Arts Centre For Acton - A Step Closer?

Granted charitable status but still in need of building


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Plans for an arts centre in Acton have received a major boost after organisers heard they have been granted charitable status.

It's a step closer to fulfilling the dream of artistic directors Glynne Steele and Julie Saunders, but they're still waiting on news as to whether the centre can be based in Acton Library.

The historic building in Acton High Street is due to be vacted when the library service relocates to the new premises at Acton Town Hall.

Glynne Steele says the Arts Centre dream is now becoming closer to a reality.

'' We've got a great team on board, including Julie Saunders (Theatre Studio West), Dave Hughes (Architect of the Park Theatre), Andrew Steel (ex-Production Manager Arcola Theatre), Angela Malik (Cookery School) and Curzon Cinemas; we've already received a small amount of start-up funding from the Architectural Heritage Foundation (of which more is promised);- we're close to completing our application for a sizeable amount of feasibility funding from Community Rights, the organisation set up to assist community groups with large projects.''

The only apparent fly in the ointment is securing the building, which, although listed as a Community Asset, doesn't prevent the Council from selling it.

Mr Steele says: '' We're not asking Ealing Council for any money, either for conversion or operation, we have a strong business plan based on self-sufficient revenue funding... It's very exciting - we're keen to progress to the next stage, which we can't do until we know we can have the building.''



We have asked Ealing Council for comment.




16th January 2014