Acton Gardens Development Doubles in Size

Change in Masterplan means the estate will be twice as big as it was previously

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Changes in planning policy in the last seven years means Acton Gardens will be twice the size it was prior to redevelopment providing a quarter of all new homes in the borough between now and 2022.

It is being delivered by Acton Gardens LLP – a joint venture between housing association L&Q and developers Countryside.

The initial masterplan from 2012 called for 2,350 new homes to be built at the former South Acton Estate in 11 phases over 15 years. Howevever each of the more recent phases changed and more homes were built than originally planned.

Ealing council has re-worked its masterplan covering all of the remaining phases and say 850 new flats will be built making the total number of new builds just over 3,800 - twice as many before the regeneration began.

The council say 40% will be 'genuinely affordable' – in other words, let at social rent levels. Two thirds of those homes will be 'family sized', replacing the one-bed homes of the old South Acton estate. A further 9% will be shared equity or shared ownership for transferring leaseholders.

Councillor Peter Mason is Ealing Council’s lead member for housing, planning and transformation. He said: “This big boost to the number of homes being built at Acton Gardens is great news for our borough. Every existing South Acton tenant who wants one of the safe, modern new flats at Acton Gardens will get one. Once completed, the new estate will host almost 1,300 socially rented homes, all of which will be well within the means of local people on low incomes. In the next three years Ealing Council will create at least 2,500 genuinely affordable homes around the borough for local people making us London's most ambitious homebuilding council.''

All existing tenants and leaseholders will be rehoused by autumn 2025, with construction completed by November 2028.


September 24th 2019

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