Sunday Shopping at The Village Trading Store

A treasure trove of unique gifts on Churchfield Road


village trading store acton

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The Village Trading Store, a treasure trove of unique gifts on Churchfield Road, will open its doors every Sunday from 11am until 3pm during the month of December.

Opened a year ago by local resident and BBC Art Director Laura Forsyth, the shop sells all sorts of giftware, greeting cards, vintage items, toys and lighting, along with  coffee shop - ll under one roof.

Forsyth says shopping local is the way to go this Christmas. "Little shops like this one, we do get hit by large supermarkets and outlets, but we'd like encourage people to buy something unique, and support local businesses."

The Village Trading Store will be showcasing a new jewellery collection in the store on December 5th.


The Village Trading Store:

29 Churchfield Road, Acton, W3 6BD

020 8992 2704

Open Monday - Saturday 9am until 6pm

Open Sundays 11am to 3pm up to Christmas


November 27, 2010