Acton Hill Church Fete

Orchards of London help a cause that help locals in need.

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The Acton Hill Church Fete is taking place on 9 November 2013 at the Church on Woodlands Avenue.

“Acton Hill Church is the first church we are supporting for the next two years with the view to get more local churches involved in due course. The church does so much more behind the scenes - something that grabbed our attention immediately. The church looks after the elderly, feeding those who have fallen on hard times, and so much more,” says Rudolph Diesel, Marketing Director at Orchards of London.

Mark Carroll, Acton Lettings Manager adds:

“The team and I are thrilled about this fantastic relationship and look forward getting stuck in with projects this year and next year. It is also great that the church is so close to our new Acton office, it just means we are in close proximity if the church needs adhoc help with their events or projects.”

The fete is scheduled to take place on Saturday 9th November from 12noon until 4pm at Acton Hill Church, Woodlands Avenue, Acton, W3 9BU.

For more information please give Orchards of London a call on 020 3141 7979 or follow our updates on Twitter @OrchardsLondon.








23rd October 2013