One Man Seriously Injured And High Number of Arrests

Update from Ealing's Borough Commander

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You will all have seen the shocking events in London over the last few days and I would like to offer you some reassurance and join with you to condemn the actions of those criminals responsible. We know that the vast majority of you do not support the actions of the mindless few involved.

Following the serious disorder overnight involving large scale looting and criminal damage, we have made a high number of arrests. We currently have six open crime scenes and an as yet unidentified man is in hospital in a critical condition.

At this point I feel is important to let you know what plans we have in place to deal with potential troublemakers. I also ask you, the community, to let police know about anything suspicious that comes to your attention.

We have extra officers on the streets of London and are receiving aid from neighbouring forces to support and sustain this.

We will tackle any further disorder whilst continuing to deal with normal policing across the borough and keeping our people and businesses safe. Officers from Ealing will be working closely with you to assess any impact of the London-wide disorder.

The Metropolitan Police Service has set up an investigation team whose sole purpose will be to identify those people responsible for violence, disorder and crime. We will take every opportunity to bring criminals to justice. There have already been an unprecedented number of arrests across London for public order, violence, and theft (looting) offences.

I understand that you will be concerned and appalled at the recent events and are looking to the police to make sure you can go about your lives without fear of disruption and violence, wherever you are in the city. I urge you to ensure you know where your children are during these challenging times. Please keep them at home during the evenings whilst this unrest continues so that they do not confuse a situation by being present when disorder is taking place. This will greatly assist my officers and staff by enabling them to get on with the difficult job we have to do - addressing the actions of a mindless few.

I will be holding a meetings today with the Local Authority, key partners and community groups to discuss concerns.

If you have any information relating to these incidents please contact police on 101. or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. In an emergency dial 999.

Thank you for your continued support.

Borough Commander Andy Rowell


09 August 2011