Southfield Ward: Beware of "Hard Luck" Story

And bag grabbed from car via open window

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Southfield Ward telephone number : 020-8721-2946

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Local police in Southfield Ward have given us an update on recent incidents which residents should be aware of.

"We have recently had an incident on Southfield Ward where a resident has been the unfortunate victim of "hard luck" story.  A young white girl, smartly dressed in her early twenties and appeared to be 4 to 5 months pregnant, knocked on the residents door and stated that she had not got any money to get to work as she had misplaced her hand bag with her Oyster card inside.

"Many people who use this story often ask to use the residents phone from which they dial a number which the resident is charged often at a very considerable rate. Please dont let them "borrow" your phone. The resident took pity on this female and "lent" her £10. Not suprisingly the female has not been seen since.

"Could we please remind you all that in alot of these cases the "victim's" story often seems a plausible one. We urge you therefore that if this happens to you not to let any one into your property and if the person genuinely appears distressed and in need of assistance that you call 999 for one of the emergency services. If the person is genuine they will remain there and wait for help.

"Theft from motor vehicles continues to be a problem especially now in the warm weather. There has been a recent incident on the ward where a driver has left the front passenger window open whilst driving. When she came to a stop a thief on a pedal cycle reached in and grabbed her bag which was on the seat next to her and made off. Please be aware of this."


June 25, 2010