Thames Water Works Move West

Road closures and diversions will affect local and A4 traffic

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If you have any queries about this work you can call 0845 641 0011, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can find out more about Thames Water's mains replacement programme by visiting

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Thames Water are replacing the Victorian water mains in the Brentford area.

1 June to 17 July 2009

Replacement of water mains in Ealing Road from its junction with A4 Great West Road to the junction with Occupation Lane

During this time Ealing Road will be made one-way northbound. Traffic will be able to enter Ealing Road from the A4 but all southbound traffic will be diverted via South Ealing Road, Little Ealing Lane, Windmill Road and A4. Any traffic exiting from the side roads into Ealing Road will have to turn north and follow the diversion. Changes will be made to the traffic signals timings on the A4 to cater for the additional traffic that will be using Windmill Road, and a new right-turn phase will be introduced at the Popes Lane / South Ealing Road junction to make it easier for traffic to turn from South Ealing Road into Little Ealing Lane.

Waiting and loading restrictions will be introduced alongside the works area to ensure the northbound traffic can flow unhindered. Also, some restrictions will be required on Windmill Road to ensure that the diversion route is clear of any obstructive parking.

A spokesperson for the council said, "Some delays are expected to occur on the diversion routes, but with a combination of widespread advance warning signs and changes to the signal timings it is hoped we will be able to keep these to a minimum."


June 3, 2009