Southfield School Raising Cash Through Mobile Phone Recycling

Come along to this Sunday's car boot to donate your old phone

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Children and parents at Southfield School have started a mobile phone recycling scheme to raise money for their school. Children and parents are recycling more than 100 mobile phones to raise money for their school.

The initiative, through mobile phone recycling business Fonebank, allows schools to raise valuable funds for resources through the recycling of mobile phones.  At the same time Fonebank encourages an awareness of environmental issues and the importance of recycling. 

The mobile phones that Southfield School are collecting are of all shapes and sizes, some working and some not.  These will be collected by Fonebank, who pay their current website price for each of the handsets, and recycle all of the broken and obsolete models. Schools recycling with Fonebank will not only raise funds, but will also be helping to protect the environment!

If you would like to donate your old phones then please take to Southfield School’s Car Boot SALE Sunday 27th March 8am – 1pm, where there will be a collection point.

All donations will help the school raise funding for the Southfield, Staff & Parents Association.

Schools wishing to run a similar campaign can contact Julia Findlay on 0207 404 6440 for more information.


24rd March 2011