Criticism for MP Over Hospital Vote

Conservative MP defends her decision to vote alongside government

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An Ealing MP has been defending herself against critics who claim she is not fully supportive of the campaign to save local hospitals.

Ealing Central and Acton MP, Angie Bray (Conservative), voted alongside the coalition government on Monday - to oppose a Labour motion about the NHS reforms.

She was recently sacked from her role as Parliamentary Private Secretary after voting against the government on reform of the House of Lords.

This has led to criticism on the social network site twitter that the MP is not making a stand against hospital closures.

However, Ms Bray says: "My vote was cast in support of the Coalition Government's continuing commitment to an overall increase in NHS funding year on year, which is a crucial part of ensuring we can continue to meet growing demand and vital new treatments.

''The motion tabled by the Labour Opposition attempted to draw support for the suggestion that the Government is wavering in its commitment on funding and tried to link to that various changes and reconfigurations across the service.

''I do not agree that the funding pledge is in any way being watered down, and as a result I was unable to support the motion. But that in no way detracts from my ongoing opposition to NHS North West London's plans to earmark the four hospitals closest to my constituency for A&E downgrades.

''I shall continue to fight those proposals because they are disproportionate on my constituency compared to any other part of London."

19th July 2012



July 19, 2012