Local MP Angie Bray on the Past Few Weeks

Newsletter tells us what she has been working on

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Angie Bray with Michael Wale of Bromyard Allotments

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Welcome to the third edition of my e-newsletter. Parliament returned for the first few weeks of September in a new move by the Coalition Government to demonstrate to the country that during these difficult times MPs are not indulging themselves over a long summer break, as they have done in the past. The general view amongst all of us on our return was that this has worked well. Our two weeks back at work at Westminster saw us debating important issues like ID cards, constitutional changes - including fixed- term parliaments - and the very important issue of Equitable Life compensation. I was particularly pleased that I got an opportunity to speak up on behalf of a large number of constituents who have all suffered from the catastrophe created by the collapse of Equitable Life. I joined many other Conservative MPs in urging the Coalition Government to be as generous in compensation as it possibly can. We have dispersed again as we head off to our Party Conferences and I am looking forward to hearing from a variety of Government ministers about our plans for the next year. When we return, we all know that the big event will be the spending review announcement on 20th October, which will be the dominant issue for all of us over the next year and beyond.

Angie Bray

1. Over the past few weeks Angie has...

- Been appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Paymaster General The Rt Hon Francis Maude MP
- Held a meeting with Glenkerrin to discuss their plans for the future of the Arcadia site
- Met with the Environment Agency to discuss environmental issues in Ealing and Acton
- Joined the Parliamentary Group on dangerous dogs
- Met with Deputy Mayor of London, Kit Malthouse and the Head of the Metropolitan Police's Status Dogs Unit, Ian McParland, to discuss the problem of dangerous dogs
- Hosted a London Health Forum reception at the House of Commons
- Met with Post Office management to discuss the move of Ealing's main Post Office to WHSmith
- Attended a meeting at the Acton Mosque
- Met with Genesis Housing Group for a briefing on the redevelopment work they plan to do in Ealing
- Visited an Acton Community Forum project in East Acton where members of the local community are working together to provide local children with supervised activities while on school holiday
- Organised and attended a meeting between TfL and East Acton residents to talk through plans for a Green Corridor along the A40 in Acton
- Visited the Goldsmith allotments in Acton
- Met with Daniel Moylan, Deputy Chair of TfL, in the House of Commons
- Attended a Transport Select Committee meeting to put questions to Transport Secretary Philip Hammond
- Held one of her regular meetings with the leader of Ealing Council, Julian Bell, to discuss local issues
- Attended a Transport Select Committee ‘away day' to discuss potential future scrutinies
- Met with Ealing's new Borough Commander, Andy Rowell
- Met with residents to discuss their concerns about the 94 bus terminus in Southfield
- Recorded a filmed interview for Action Acton to help them promote their facilities for young entrepreneurs
- Attended a reception to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain
- Attended a breakfast reception at the Ismaili Centre in South Kensington

- Spoken in the debate in the House of Commons about Equitable Life compensation
- Chaired a meeting at the House of Commons to discuss environmentally friendly ways of maximising London's potential as an international transport hub now that the third runway is no longer going ahead
- Spoken to Year 12 students from Notting Hill and Ealing High School at the House of Commons
- Attended Ealing Hospital's Open Day as a Guest of Honour
- Interviewed Noel ‘Razor' Smith - career-criminal turned writer - about his experiences, at the Chiswick Book Festival

2. New challenges

For some time allotment keepers at the allotments on Bromyard Avenue have been living in fear that potential redevelopment around the site might put their patches under threat. Michael Wale asked Angie along for a visit so that she could see the allotments for herself again and so that he could explain their predicament to her in person.

After visiting most of the allotments Angie promised to look into the situation for Michael and has subsequently been in touch with the Council planning department.

4. Ealing Hospital Open Day

Angie was delighted to launch the first Open Day at Ealing Hospital as the guest speaker. She spoke to a number of exhibitors at their stalls where she learnt about a variety of important health issues that are being dealt with at the hospital. In her speech Angie said "I learnt a huge amount from my visit today, especially about the preventative work that is so important to stop illnesses before they develop. I was hugely impressed by the dedication and commitment of so many of the staff that I have met."

5. Chiswick Book Festival

The second Chiswick Book Festival welcomed Angie as a guest speaker at a discussion of crime and the future of the prison system. She joined local QC Dexter Dias and career-criminal turned writer Noel 'Razor' Smith in front of a packed Tabard Theatre to discuss a wide-range of issues as the Coalition Government considers its prison policy.

The discussion focused on Noel's life of crime, his experiences of Britain's prisons, and how he managed to rehabilitate himself. Amongst subjects discussed were: why people turn to crime; the value of prison; the need for education in our prisons; drugs and prison; and how we can successfully rehabilitate more of Britain's prisoners.

After the event Angie said "I was delighted to be able to take part in such an interesting discussion and to meet Noel. He is a shining example of how even the most violent of recidivists can be successfully rehabilitated. It was particularly valuable for me to hear first hand what he had to say about the state of our prisons and what he thinks should be done with future prison policy. I will be passing on his thoughts to my colleagues as it is people like Noel that we should be listening to."

6. Maximising London's transport potential

Angie has been looking at environmentally friendly ways of maximising London's potential as an international transport hub now that the third runway is no longer going ahead. West London based company Interlinking Transport Solutions approached Angie with their plan to build a privately funded elevated light railway, LARTs (London Airports Rapid Transit System) alongside the M23 and the M25 that would link Heathrow and Gatwick airports, thereby adding to their capacity. She chaired an event where the light railway plan was launched, and various stakeholders including airlines, BAA, TfL and Ealing Conservative Councillor Ian Potts were able to put questions to the LARTs team. Angie opened the meeting by saying,

"While my constituents in Ealing and Acton were delighted when the third runway was cancelled, we are all aware that we must ensure that London's status as a premier city is maintained and obviously we need to maximise what we already have at Heathrow and Gatwick, albeit without extra runways, or indeed, a change of use at Heathrow to mixed mode. That is why this project is an interesting one. It could provide a fast and efficient service taking 36 minutes from any of the Heathrow terminals to Gatwick, with up to sixty trains running an hour. This is also a green option because it could reduce congestion on the busy M23 and M25 motorways."

7. Better access to Ealing Broadway station

 Angie joined local campaigners at a demonstration organised by Ealing Cycle Campaign to demand improved platform access at Ealing Broadway station, not only for cyclists, but also for those with pushchairs and heavy luggage. Afterwards she said, "I have been campaigning with members of Ealing Cycling Campaign for some years now to get some improvements to the station in the interim period before Crossrail arrives. We are continuing to push hard, and with the support of the Council we are hopeful that we will get some progress."

September 29, 2010