Acton Teen Died at Unsupervised Party

Isobel Reilly collapsed after taking pills at friend's party

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An inquest has been hearing how a 15-year-old from Acton who became ill after taking drugs at friends party had told them not to call an ambulance in case she got into trouble.

Isobel Jones-Reilly, known as Issy, from Ramsay Road, fell ill at the party in Barlby Road, north Kensington, in the early hours of Saturday, April 23 last year.

There were no adults present.

After taking the pills at around 3am the teenager began to feel unwell but didn't want her friends to call for help.

An hour later an ambulance was called but Issy had collapsed, and, despite being given eight shots of adrenalin and 28 cycles of CPR, she later died.

Giving evidence at Westminster Coroner's Court at the start of a three day inquest, Issy’s mother Lynne Jones said she would never have let her go to the party if she had known if was going to be unsupervised.

She said: 'I realise now that I was naive. I never asked if adults were going to be there. I just can’t understand why people would leave children unsupervised. This is what feels so painful for us. We’ve gone over and over it since Issy died.'

The inquest heard that Issy had previously been referred to a drugs and alcohol key worker after turning up at school under the influence of cannabis - but was not deemed to be high risk.

Key worker Joyce Akopheneta said the Chiswick School pupil had been making good progress and was ‘happy’ the last time she saw her a month before she died.

Three other friends who were at the party also took the pills but survived.

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The inquest continues.

1st August 2012