Tap Away The Stress

Workshop on Thursday 26th July

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Clare Peacock

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Clare Peacock is a local complementary therapist based in Shepherds Bush.  

Having recovered from ME after 17 years, she now helps others using the mind-body techniques that  turned her life around. 

She is passionate about the huge benefits and uses a  modern branch of complementary therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping.

With its roots in Chinese medicine, this emotional acupuncture type technique which involves tapping with fingertips on certain points on the face and upper body (whilst fully clothed) whilst tuning in to the specific issue the client  wants help with.

This rebalances and rewires our energy system, enabling increased emotional wellbeing  and because our emotions play a major part in our physical health, often pain and other symptoms are reduced or eliminated too. 

Whilst Clare treats all manner of things, her speciality is working with chronic illness and helping women feel better about themselves so they can have the life they really want.

Clare wants people to be able to benefit from this powerful technique in their own lives, just as she did, so is running a series of low cost workshops.

The first one will teach you how to tap away feelings of stress and overwhelm, an all too  common theme at present, to feel calmer and more in control.

Tap away Stress – New workshop in Hammersmith

When: Thursday 26th July

Where: Irish Cultural Centre, Blacks Road, Hammersmith, W6

Time: 6.30-8:30pm

Cost £15

To book a place : www.feelgoodeft.co.uk.





19th July 2012