Held Hostage at The Hairdressers

Unhappy customer claims that she was locked in until she paid her bill

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Acton w3 forum member Sue Imani says she had 'the most humiliating experience of her life' after she was locked inside a hair salon for refusing to pay her bill.

The 33 year old admin worker had taken up a voucher offer at Beauty Base in Acton but was unhappy with the colour treatment.

She says not enough dye was used but when she complained she was told if she wanted more she would have to pay extra.

Sue says: '' At this point I really just wanted to leave but couldn't because I had dye in my hair. I was so disgusted with the service that I refused to pay, especially after checking my hair in the mirror and confirming that the colour was uneven.

''When I refused to pay, the Manager LOCKED me in the salon. She took her keys, locked the door, and refused to let me leave until I'd paid for a botched up hair job that I was clearly unsatisfied with.''

Sue says there were a few other people in the shop who witnessed that the door was locked for a few minutes until she handed over her cash and left.

When she got out she said she burst into tears. She has since reported the firm to trading standards and the police.


Beauty Base say they will look into the allegations.



18th July 2011