Acton Property Sales - March 2011

From over a million to under a hundred thousand

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There has been a wide price range in properties sold in Acton according to recent figures. You could have picked up a flat in East Vale for £60,000 whereas a house on Cumberland Road went for £1,220,000 just a few days later. This was the 19th most expensive ever home sale recorded by the Land Registry in W3.

This makes it difficult to judge the direction of the market. The average price since the end of February is down to £345,434 but this may be falling because of an increased number of sales at developments like Bromyard House and Aldridge Court.

Acton property sales in the first quarter of this year were down by a third compared with the same period in 2010. Less than 100 transactions took place from January to March which is half the level seen five years ago. This is likely to remain a concern to developers who still have a large amount of inventory of unsold properties to sell locally.

However, this hasn't stopped new estate agents from seeing a gap in the market. Churchfield Road is home to new agent Aston Rowe and, according to owner Billy Rowe, the Acton property market is still buoyant, especially in the lettings market.

"We have now been open a number of weeks and early indications have surpassed all of our expectations. Both our sales and lettings departments are extremely busy at present with the levels of tenants and buyers registering reaching its highest point in 2011.

Due the surge in demand for rental properties, rental prices are at their highest point in memory. In sales the demand for flats from first time buyers is increasing by the week as lending requirements begin to become less restrictive and as we enter the summer months there is an increasing demand for family homes, with many families seeing this as a good time to upsize. Overall it seems a good time to be considering to sell or rent your property as the summer month's progress."

House prices in London are now the only in the country that have risen compared with the same period last year. The Land Registry's House Price Index shows that the average price in the capital was £336,828 in March 2011 up by 0.8% compared to the same month last year.

For England and Wales the average price is now £160,996 down by 2.3% from March 2010. Prices in the north east have fallen by 9.3% and in Wales they are down by 7.2%.

The latest reported sales are given in the table below.

The numbers below are subject to revision as is it usual that some properties are added late to the Land Registry's database.

A regular market review of the local property scene appears on the site. You can click here for the latest update and analysis.

If your agent is claiming to be marketing your property effectively and it doesn't appear on it may be time to choose a new agent.

Properties Sold in Acton W3 - March 2011


Price (£)


55b, Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8ED 160000 31/03/2011
22, Goldsmith Road, W3 6PX 335000 31/03/2011
Ebbett Court, Flat 128, Victoria Road, W3 6BX 102000 31/03/2011
Trentham Court, Flat 135, Victoria Road, W3 6BF 154500 30/03/2011
East Vale, 9, The Vale, W3 7RU 60000 29/03/2011
137, Western Avenue, W3 6RN 74500 28/03/2011
143, Princes Gardens, W3 0LS 550000 25/03/2011
2, Allan Way, W3 0PN 436500 25/03/2011
Decourcey Court, 117, Flat 7, Avenue Road, W3 8QH 246000 23/03/2011
Bromyard House, Flat 544, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7FG 330000 21/03/2011
West Lodge Court, 6, Uxbridge Road, W3 9SD 215000 21/03/2011
8d, Old Oak Road, W3 7HL 222000 18/03/2011
155, Princes Gardens, W3 0LS 540000 18/03/2011
Bromyard House, Flat 612, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7FG 225000 18/03/2011
Bronte Court, Flat 39, Gunnersbury Lane, W3 8HF 216000 17/03/2011
Bromyard House, Flat 156, Bromyard Avenue, W3 7BF 84000 17/03/2011
61, Old Oak Road, W3 7HW 230000 17/03/2011
Gunnersbury Court, Flat 6, Bollo Lane, W3 8JL 227500 16/03/2011
Miranda Court, Flat 12, Queens Drive, W3 0HZ 270000 15/03/2011
27, Hillcrest Road, W3 9RN 832500 14/03/2011
29, Twyford Avenue, W3 9PY 887000 14/03/2011
162a, Valetta Road, W3 7TP 261000 14/03/2011
2, Birkbeck Mews, W3 6HT 245500 11/03/2011
Pegasus Court, 194, Flat 3, Horn Lane, W3 6PT 269950 11/03/2011
Coopers Court, Flat 36, Church Road, W3 8PN
26, Ground Floor Flat, Berrymead Gardens, W3 8AB
10, Amelia Close, W3 8EZ
Beaumaris Tower, Flat 43, Park Road North, W3 8RS
70, Flat 4, Chatsworth Gardens, W3 9LW
Aldridge Court, 174 - 180, Flat 13, High Street, W3 9NN
Aldridge Court, Flat 19, High Street, W3 9NN
Aldridge Court, 174 - 180, Flat 15, High Street, W3 9NN

Previous Property Sales in Acton


September 5, 2011

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